How to Use Social Media in Healthcare: Examples + Tips

There are many positive ways to use social media in healthcare, including promoting awareness and sharing accurate health messaging.

It can be hard to navigate the challenges of social media in healthcare. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that healthcare and social media can be a very powerful combination.

But when used correctly, social networks are essential for communication. They can let you provide science-based health and well-being information to millions of people across the globe.

Providers, agencies, and brands need to create social content that’s:

  • factual, accurate, and not up for debate
  • engaging and friendly
  • informative, timely, and accurate
  • compliant with all relevant rules and regulations

In this post, we look at the many benefits of using social media in healthcare. We also provide tips on keeping your social channels compliant and secure.

Benefits of social media in healthcare

The benefits of social media in healthcare include:

  • raising public awareness
  • combating misinformation
  • communicating during a crisis
  • expanding the reach of existing resources and recruitment efforts
  • answering common questions
  • promoting citizen engagement

Want to see these benefits in action and hear directly from the healthcare professionals who are getting their hands dirty? Check out our free webinar on Social Media in Health Care: Stories from the Front Lines.

Raise awareness

Social media is vital to raising public awareness about new, emerging, and annual health concerns.

Bringing awareness to health issues can be as simple as reminding followers about common sense health practices. Or it can be as complex as planning seasonal campaigns.

Social media can also raise the profile of illnesses, trends, and other health matters.